Thursday, April 20, 2006

speaking of weirdness.......

it was stormy here last night. just before i was going to bed, the power went out. well, i was so proud of myself for remembering to set the alarm clock (6:45, hit the snooze button till about 7). i got the time off the program guide on the tv. fast forward to this morning, i get out of bed, turn on the tv and they say "welcome to Good Day at 7:30 a.m.) WHAAAAAA!? surely they goofed!? i go check the oven clock because it's not digital and the power had been out for just a few seconds. IT'S 7:30!!!!! (i should be on my way out the door) so, do i really need to shower? yeah, i do. i call the temp agency, and the office to let them know i'll be late. ugh. thinking about it i should have caught the time since i knew it was close to 2 when the power went out. but nooooooo. oh well.

other weirdness, i've been bruising a lot lately, and i don't know what i did to cause it. well, most of them. (i'm fairly certain the one that showed up on my breast overnight is from the cat stomping on me in bed. yeah, there are many ms. slocombe jokes in there. but still, it's not like they've never stomped on me before and i've never gotten a bruise from it.)