Monday, August 14, 2006

home again home again, blah, blah, blah.....

I made it home this afternoon. flight wasn't bad. i flew out of a tiny airport so security wasn't an issue either. I slept poorly last night(took some extra sudafed so i'd be able to breath today and wound up waking up every hour or so) and i don't sleep on planes so i wound up conkin' out shortly after i got home, once the cats stopped yelling at me and the puppy decided that it was okay, i was going to sleep not shower the kitties with extra attention. i know you think i'm kidding about the cats yelling at me, but it's true, maggie got to the point that she was opening her mouth and no sound was coming out any more.

and the cats showed their displeasure with me being gone in other ways. stuff knocked off shelves and counters, one thing being a japanese teacup in the bathroom, smashed to bits. Carlos was naked, his collar on the floor by the front door. Roxie had done some extra digging by the back door. anyway, we're all calmed down now.

had a moment of panic at the airport when i couldn't remember where i'd parked my car, thought it was A16, turned out to be A6. but i had no problems getting out of the airport unlike previous trips.

all in all, a good trip, just the right amount of time to be gone.