Monday, August 07, 2006


have had a busy last few days. sang in a cousin's wedding Saturday in Ft. Worth, flew to Florida yesterday. why is it that anytime i get on a plane my brain starts dredging up all the crash info it can remember? fun. anyhoo, had fun seeing family for a few days, and i think my liver has stopped screaming at me. still a bit... distracted.... okay, breaking it down.....

Friday: drove to FW , checked in to hotel, went to wedding rehearsal. i got along fine with the organist, ran through Ave Maria and he said, "I could hug you! it's so rare to get a real singer here." w007! it was a nice, live place to sing. rehearsal dinner was at a mexican restaurant, free margaritas!!! (mom didn't notice, but someone took the last half of her drink while she wasn't looking, i'll write you a note about that later. ;D)

Saturday: went to a bridal brunch, saw some interesting houses, I just stayed at the hotel til wedding time, did the wedding thing, reception (wound up not having to play the piano leading up to that) hopefully danced enough to burn off extra food and alcohol calories. (waiting for pics from Lola) and stayed up till sister who went out with cute boy and wedding party she met at reception got back to hotel.

Sunday: checked out, ate lunch, sat at airport for a long time (time between lunch and getting to airport was not enough to really do anything, but also a long time to wait, i got caught up on the paper) we wound up sitting on the runway for an hour waiting for a storm to clear. other than that the flight was uneventful. i just always panic.

so now i'm in Florida for a week, looks like it will be much cooler than in Texas. I don't know what Sarahk is always whining about. ;D