Wednesday, October 11, 2006

allergist antics....

yeah, so i had an appointment yesterday, i'd been dreading it, but it actually went smoothly. figured he would probably give me a hard time about not having the ct scan done but he didn't even ask me about it. the nurse did, I told her i gave up after calling once a week for a month and them never having my paperwork. she said they got confirmation. yeah, okay, well nobody called me to set up an appointment like they said they would. oh well.

but the fun bit was when for some reason it came up that RTO is in afghanistan. the dr. then told me he'd been talking to Sam Johnson the day before about the Reps. recent trip to Iraq. dr. also said he'd been planning a hunting trip to Quetta, Pakistan for last December (don't ask me what's good hunting there) but decided to cancel it. I told him that was probably a good idea particularly with some of the news i'd heard lately about the pakistan/afghanistan border area.
(then this was posted at Fourth Rail). anyhoo, nothing too deep, I suppose it's easy to get distracted while your looking in someone's nose.