Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I really didn't order a dress

Saturday I got a call from a lady in the chorus that went something like this:

CL: Hi, I have the dress you ordered

MK: uh, I ordered a dress?

CL: yeah, didn't you?

MK: I... don't think so....

CL: well, I ordered it for you, you can come try it on today.

MK: I guess I could, but what size is it?

CL: 6

MK: uh, yeah, I definitely didn't order it. 16... maybe.

CL: huh, okay, well, uh, I guess I'll check and see if it's for someone else.

so, I get to rehearsal tonight and she comes up to me and says she checked her records and she ordered this dress for me and she has it with her. ooooookay. it's still a size six. I told her I haven't been a size six for ten years, not that I wouldn't like to be. not sure what's going on. I noticed there's another lady named maggie in the chorus and she may be able to pull off the tiny dress. we shall see. concert is Sunday.