Thursday, November 30, 2006

mom always tells me kids would be easier.... yeah right.

Carlos: I'm gonna sit on your lap now.

MK: um, no, no you're not.

Carlos: yeah, it's no problem.

MK: I'm typing. get off my arms.

Carlos: but I'm comfortable!

MK: here, you can put your front paws on my lap and I'll pet you.

Carlos: okay....



MK: NO, you're not sitting on my lap!

Carlos: BUTIWANNA!!!!!!

MK: front paws only

Carlos: fine.


MK: nope, you're still not gonna sit on my lap.

Carlos: um, I was just going to sit on the arm of the couch..... oh, it's so nice here on the laptop.

MK: keep moving.

Carlos: you sure about that?

MK: grrrrrrrr.

maggie: hi! you can pet me now, right? oooooh, laptop!