Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday! records!

as usual I've goofed off most of the day. watched a movie. whee!

All Tempos - Perfect for Dancing: or various artists, whatever.

The musical selections in this album have been carefully chosen by the world famous Fred Astaire Dance Studios, a name synonymous with "Perfect for Dancing." The Fred Astaire Studios recommend these selections as the best for your dancing enjoyment.
They cover a lot from Foxtrot to Waltz to the Hokey Pokey.

Spanish Rhapsodies for Young Lovers - The Midnight String Quartet with Harpsichord, Piano and Rhtyhm: I didn't know I had more than one Midnight String Quartet album, but it was a pleasant surprise. the day I pass something up that has The Girl from Ipanema on it is the day I'm, um, probably seriously ill.

The Lady's in Love with You - Maxine Sullivan sings the music of Burton Lane with the Keith Ingham Sextet: Dollar album! Mr. Lane mostly wrote songs for movies in the 30's and 40's though he's also got a stage musical or two to his name the most recognizable ones being Finian's Rainbow and On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. so I really liked the arrangements on here, nothing too foofy it really focuses on the lyrics and melody.

oh, mom had asked how many songs I've recorded so far. um, a lot. currently showing 105 folders in the LP folder, 1312 files, which includes the raw files so maybe 1100 songs so far. and I'm not even half way through. yay! we'll never see the kitchen table again.