Thursday, March 15, 2007

birthday vignettes

MK: (looks in dryer) um, do you need to move some laundry?

RTO: you could do it, since you're right there.

MK: yes, well, it will be my birthday in a few minutes and I really don't want to risk doing any laundry on my birthday.

RTO: *sigh*


MK: (leaving office with a few leftover cupcakes) oh hey, would you like a cupcake?

Man who looks like he has never turn down a cupcake: um, sure.


Mwllhhntdac: wow, was it someone's birthday?

MK: yeah

Mwllhhntdac: who's?

MK: mine

Mwllhhntdac: *chuckle* you had to bring your own cupcakes?

MK: yeah, well, I'm only here two days a week.


MK and RTO stare are looking at their receipt for dinner at the Japanese restaurant where they earlier heard a lovely rendition of happy birthday with much annoying drumming.

MK: you have your wallet with you?


MK: huh?

RTO: yeah, did you not bring your purse in?

MK: eh, it's my birthday, I don't want to go digging for stuff in there.

Waiter: Did you just say it's your birthday?



MK: crap.