Friday, March 02, 2007

For those of you just tuning in....

I think I can now talk about a few things now. see, yesterday was just the icing on the whole big cake of anxiety and anticipation that has been this week.

Sunday: RTO and I chat for a while he says, "hey don't tell anyone but I'm leaving tomorrow for R&R and I may be able to call you from Kuwait just so's you know where I am and when to come pick me up at the airport." yay!

Monday: nothing, but that's cool, cause well, it takes time to move around.

Tuesday: crap. (RTO would most likely be flying from there)

Wednesday: quiet most of the day, I had to work. about 11:30 that night RTO pops up online. yay! says, "I'm gonna be at DFW Tomorrow morning." yay! I'm thinking,"oh wait, there's a time difference" so I ask, "Thursday?" RTO says, "yep" W007!!!! I call the temp agency and the office, tell 'em I'll see them next week cause I'm going to the airport tomorrow. call the DFW flight info number they say flight ETA is 9:55. baked a lemon cake, RTO's fave.

Thursday: I wake up about 7:30 start getting ready, am just about to eat breakfast around 8 when I think, "I should call the number again like they recommend, in case the flight time changed" it did! to 8:55. I book it to the airport. Military people start showing up, no RTO. I chat with an Air Force guy from Camp Phoenix (same place RTO is coming from ). USO people leave. no RTO. Air Force guy gives me an 800 number to call, they say RTO was not on this flight. grrrrrrr. so I head back home, I'm cranky and gmail keeps playing with me, I can see that I have mail, I just can't read it. not a peep from RTO. I pay some bills, send RTO a nasty email, and watch some depressing movies. (knew RTO wouldn't want to watch them, so since I had an extra evening to do that.... )(oh, American Beauty and Requiem for a Dream.) decided not to set the alarm clock cause if RTO did happen to show up Friday he could call me, I wasn't going to be driving to the airport til I heard from him.

Friday: woke up about 10:30, ate breakfast, had some coffee, no word from RTO. hmmmm. according to the DFW site, flights typically arrive between 8 and 11 a.m. so i called the flight info line, they say it's arriving at 1 p.m. well, maybe RTO got his days mixed up. so I went ahead and went to the airport. aaaaand RTO showed up today! he was a bit confused as to why I wasn't looking for him. heh. and he thinks it's Thursday.

so, I may not be posting much the next couple weeks. or I might if he keeps conkin' out at 8 every night. but I'm guessing it has something to do with not sleeping since he left Bagram.