Sunday, March 18, 2007

fun at the airport.....

had to take RTO to the airport today so he could go back to Afghanistan. whee! anyway, they allow friends and family to go to the gate. had to fill out a little form and take it with me to the security check. I got pulled over because I had a tube of hand lotion in my purse. totally forgot that was in there. anyway the lady asked if I had any weapons or gels or liquids in my purse... oy. so she explained that even though I wasn't flying I still had to abide by the rules and I had an acceptable amount of lotion, but it needed to be in a plastic ziploc bag and outside of my purse as it went through the x-ray. she then put it in a ziploc for me and back in my purse. oooookay. so I'll remember that next time, and let this be a lesson to you all. ;D

so, RTO's flight didn't leave for a few hours so we had lunch and some coffee, checked out some gift shops. I left around three and stopped by Grapevine Mills Mall, nothing like a trip to the Sanrio store to cheer me up.