Friday, March 23, 2007

maggie update

talked to the vet tonight. (I must have the hardest workin' vet, it was 8:15) anyhoo, no heartworms and thyroid is fine. maggie hasn't thrown up any more so I think we're just gonna keep her on the special food for now, see if she makes it through the weekend without ralphing. other choices include endoscopy and/or abdominal ultrasound to rule out any kind of tumor, but so far, the food seems to be working and she is chowin' down. (the food comes in these little pouches with 8 to a box and since everyone has to eat the same thing they go through a box in two days and the vet is rationing them because Purina is switching over to a dry variety and not distributing the pouch kind anymore. thankfully, the vet is less than a mile away.) the vet was telling me she'd consulted with some other vets and they agreed it could be some kind of irritable intestinal thing. so we'll just see how this weekend plays out.

thinking about it that makes sense, lately, maggie's been real sensitive about changing food, and I mean just between bags of the exact same thing. I've had to mix the end of one bag with the start of a new one to lessen the chances and length of time that she would be sick, this time around it didn't work. *sigh* the things we do for our little furry children.