Sunday, April 22, 2007

sunday evening records

John Gary sings Your All-Time Favorite Songs: sure he does. All the things You Are, Autumn Leaves, Night and Day. Anyway the most fun thing about it is he's not afraid to use his falsetto voice on every song. It made Autumn Leaves particularly entertaining because in the opening phrases he'd hop up there and make little runs down on the last word. and then most songs ended on a high floaty note. w007!

Autumn Leaves - Ferrante & Teicher with Orchestra and Strings: Usually I love these guys but something was just off about this one. then I noticed it was "previously released as Postcards from Paris" (and that explains why most of the songtitles have French translations) so it's a recording from fairly early in their career and the sound balance is just completely out of whack. the pianos sound muddy and don't cut through the orchestra. blech.

Award Winning Scores from The Silver Screen - 101 Strings: wouldn't be an album of award winning songs without Theme from Moulin Rouge. ha ha. other familiar tunes include Spellbound, Love is a Many Splendored Thing, Three Coins in the Fountain and Tara's Theme. This one also had a lot of wordless women's chorus. ah.