Thursday, July 26, 2007

Airport fun....

It seems like RTO usually gets extra scrutiny when we fly so I'm always anticipating he'll take longer to get through security than me. But last night took the prize. First he forgot he had a pocket knife on his keychain, but then they were all, "we need to go through your bag" Seems he forgot about the baton (kinda like this) my sister had given him a couple weeks ago. Just for the record, those aren't allowed on planes. So I'm watching them talk to RTO, the TSA guy pulls out this big binder and asks for RTO's id (I think, I was a few feet away) this other TSA lady that's on the other side of me (watching the exit door, how exciting!) tells me that technically they could arrest RTO, but they probably won't. so then these two police officers show up and they're all chatting with RTO for a while and I chattted some more with the TSA lady (told her about Sarahk's fun with the TSA thanks to Frankj). RTO's laptop bag is cammo and has a name tape on it, so I think that helped. I've noticed at D/FW in particular, people are quick to spot military types and stop and say nice things to them. Anyhoo, it probably also didn't help that I had typoed his name when I bought the tickets. (the lady at the ticket counter got a kick out of that)

TCL: um, I'm not seeing your name here....

MK: uh, I think I typoed his name

TCL: ha ha! you certainly did! Do you know this man?

RTO: we just met 15 minutes ago

MK: hey, I got all the right letters!

TCL: (to RTO) your name's Robert

MK: (to RTO) maybe next time, you should just have Nicole* buy your ticket.

anyway we made it to Florida no problems so far today. just being lazy. yay!

*at our apartment in Tulsa we used to get mail for a Nicole "Katzen" so we still joke about RTO's "other wife"