Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MK, Roxie interpreter

*Roxie is pacing between us*

MK: is someone going to let the puppy out?



RTO: *gets up and opens the back door* she was just out there...

MK: yeah, she's been eating lots of greenery today. I'm guessing she doesn't feel well, but I don't know why.

RTO: *still standing by the door, Roxie's now staring at him from outside*

MK: *in high pitched 'Roxie' voice* I know you just let me out, but WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME HERE?

RTO: creep

eh, you probably had to be here.

huh, it's been longer than I thought since I last posted. oh well, not a whole lot going on here. just started rehearsals for Carousel. so I probably won't be posting with any kind of regularity for a while. like anyone will notice. ;p