Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday records

ugh, recovering from show closing here, so I didn't get started til late. oh well, i'll probably be up late anyhoo what with RTO out of town.

Glenn Miller Plays Selections from "The Glenn Miller Story" and Other Hits - Glenn Miller and his Orchestra: um, yeah, not sure about the title of this one... I mean, the movie came out almost ten years after his, um, disappearance. so it's more "recordings of his stuff that they used in the movie" or something. Anyway, of course the big tunes are here, Moonlight Serenade, String of Pearls, In the Mood, blah, blah, blah... but there are also a few unfamiliar tunes such as Boulder Buff and Farewell Blues.

Summer of '42 - Peter Nero: Lazy, Lazy, Lazy! I noticed the other night while hunting for the "I've Gotta be Me" cover that it's sold with this album on CD, which explains a lot. maybe. (checked out his discography and they're four years apart. hmmmmm) anyhoo, he arranged all the tunes on this one, but they're still pretty standard. maybe it's just the material he's working with, i don't know. How much can you really do with You've got a Friend?

Everything is Beautiful - The Living Strings and The Living Voices: Quality Cheese! Who knew you could make Dancing Queen even goofier? but I love it. There's nothing better than little choirs earnestly singing pop tunes. nothing!

Oh, I also meant to add that I found the sleeves for the albums for this to be interesting because they advertise for classical records. just struck me as kind of odd. that and knowing there's a recording of Peter and the Wolf out there featuring David Bowie.

Tara's Theme from Gone with the Wind and other Themes - Percy Faith: oh, he's Canadian (according to the album cover). Well, that explains why he's so inoffensive. Anyhoo, Dollar Record! The Dark at the Top of the Stairs? not a horror film. hmmmmm.

Blue Midnight and Other Fabulous Intrumentals by Bert Kaempfert: There are a couple things on here I would swear Herb Alpert recorded, but other than some confirmation that Alpert covered some Kaempfert tunes, I couldn't find anything about a connection between the two. oh well. I'm still trying to figure out this bit from the back cover:

Loyal Bert Kaempfert Fans will be glad to welcome another of his great albums into circulation. And by the very nature of the music in the release, Bert bids fair to add many a new fan to his following.

the "bids fair" thing is tripping me up.

Evergreen - Ronnie Aldrich, His Pianos & Orchestra *with the Ladybirds: This is not the record I thought it was.... I obviously didn't check to make sure it matched the cover. and what's even better is the album title is not on the record. But I googled the Decca catalog number and it came through for me. (these folks aren't very kind to Ronnie, heh) His cover of Dancing Queen? RAWKS! ;p