Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday records

It's a good day for listening to old things. a little on the cool side, but sunny. I've got some windows open. yay!

Honeymoon in Paris - The Paris Theatre Orchestra: I guess I'm just a sucker for any location album. I wasn't aware that Autumn Leaves was particularly French, but whatever.

From Rome and Paris With Love - Jo Basile his Accordion and Orchestra: It's two albums for one! silly me I was listening to the first couple tracks thinking, "oooooo, accordion!" then I looked at the cover again. duh. anyway, fairly sparse arrangements so the accordion stands out and it's some pretty clean playing. nice.

I've Gotta Be Me - Peter Nero: ugh, I couldn't find a picture of the cover large enough to do it justice.

he looks way more pleased about this album than he should be. and the first paragraph on the back should have been a warning:

In the hands of Peter Nero this album becomes a richly colored, swinging tasty bag. And no small part of its total excellence is the careful selection of a great group of chart making tunes that are a part of the today scene.

ah yes, the "today scene". granted he didn't do most of the arranging on it, but it's like they didn't even take his style into account. It might be due to the recording process, but he sounds muddy and kinda lazy. I mean, Scarborough Fair? Wow! he can play octaves! maybe they were going for the Herb Alpert/Bacharach simple sound thing. That's not what I expect from Nero. just sayin'. Anyway, interesting choice of songs, not so interesting arrangements... for Peter Nero anyway.