Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday records

Jackie Gleason presents Music for Lovers Only: "All the selections on side two have been added to the original album to form this newer, expanded version of 'Music for Lovers Only'" huh. I suppose that's good, otherwise I would have missed Gleason's arrangement of the Habenera from Carmen. The whole album is mellow, features Bobby Hackett on trumpet.

Mr. Music... Mantovani: strings, strings, more strings. some interesting song choices here. Yesterday and From Russia with Love. some other things I'm not familiar with, How Soon and Three O'Clock in the Morning (even though that one was on Midnight Blues from last night. nope, just not sticking in my head.)

This is probably it for today. I'm waitin' for RTO to get back and I've got days of Red Eye to catch up on and knitting to do.