Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Wearing Too Much Perfume May Indicate Depression

ScienceDaily (Jan. 8, 2008) — Can’t smell the roses? Maybe you’re depressed. Smell too much like a rose yourself? Maybe you’ve got the same problem. Scientists from Tel Aviv University recently linked depression to a biological mechanism that affects the olfactory glands. It might explain why some women, without realizing it, wear too much perfume.

I don't wear perfume at all, but I have almost no sense of smell. RTO used to get annoyed with me when I would ask him to check the milk. Then one time it was bad and I told him I really couldn't tell, so he doesn't mind as much. except I'm probably paranoid about it, because I can't smell it. so vicious circle. This bit from the article though:

Women who are depressed are also more likely to lose weight. With a reduced sense of smell, they are less likely to have a healthy appetite, he says.

not so much. though it probably has more to do with being inactive. or massive amounts of chocolate when I can get my hands on it.