Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The things we do for love...

RTO went all out when he replaced the garage door opener. the new one is super quite, has an outside keypad and a motion sensor that turns the garage light on when you step out there. it also came with a little box you can plug a lamp, or I guess anything you want really, into and you can press a button on the opener and switch it on. so RTO really wanted a lamp for it, because how cool is it that you can turn on a lamp in the house from your car in the driveway? very cool. if you're RTO.

so the floor lamp we've had since we got married has been acting squirrelly and getting worse. (for a long time you just had to step on the switch *juuuust* right, but lately you had to also grab the light bulb and twist it a bit.) so I was thinking this was a good excuse for an IKEA trip.

long story short, RTO had to work Monday and he got home and tried to turn the lamp on and gave me some look so I said, "well, IKEA closes in an hour and a half." and RTO said, "so what are you waiting for?" *sigh*

made the trip to IKEA had an hour-ish to pick out lamps. wound up getting two floor lamps and a matching table lamp for the garage door thingy. RTO was a little cranky about how they all required foofy light bulbs, but also adamant that we not just put the old CFs in them because they would stick out and "How gross is that?"

anyhoo, on the plus side the "ugly craft light" will probably, finally, be moved out of the living room. and RTO has his lamp he can turn on from the driveway.

oh, we also picked up a couple of these anti-slip things to try on the rugs and so far they seem to be working really well. the rug hasn't moved since last night. which is..... unusual, thanks to the critters. RTO tested it by having Roxie run after the squeeky fire hose a few times. no movement.