Monday, January 07, 2008


I need to reset my internal clock.

gots to get up tomorrow morning and try to get maggie in at the vet. she's been having coughing fits the last four or five days. it's not going away like the normal hairball thing usually does. I keep telling her that's what we're doing, hoping she'll go, "Oh, well, I better hack this up!" but it hasn't worked. *sigh*

Roxie just killed the pet fountain..... okay, it's all better now. did I mention RTO got them a fountain for Christmas? I guess since Carlos liked drinking out of the faucet and had gotten really annoyingly insistent about it. and the other fun part is RTO was showing me how to refill the reservoir the other day and I'm thinking, "I just pour more water into the bowl" heh.

oh that reminds me, I wasn't sure maggie was going to accept it. because the first few times we put her next to it she would slowly back away from it. but earlier I was watching her drink out of it. I guess the water tastes best at the top of the ramp.