Monday, May 26, 2008

back home

and with a couple of pictures...

after the funeral, mom gave us a guided tour of Carnegie. We saw houses of people we know, the schools she went to (including the football field where she first met dad) and some other local attractions. My sister asked to stop for a sno-cone, so we did. I thought it was a kind of amusing juxtaposition, so I took a snapshot with my phone.

This is the legendary Buster. he usually comes up in conversations about "monster" cats. um, he's lost some weight. We found out he had cheated death recently, been sick, been taken to the vet to be put to sleep, but instead was given antibiotics that it turned out he was allergic to. He's recovering now, but who knows if he'll ever reach his former over thirty pound self.

anyhoo, it's been a looooong weekend and it's nice to have a day to myself at home. RTO just started his two weeks of annual training with the Guard and hopefully I'll be caught up with everything by the time he gets home.

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