Friday, August 15, 2008


not sure what triggered it, but I decided I needed sushi for dinner tonight. We wound up going to AVOCADO because it's nearby and they drizzle mayo (RTO thinks Miracle Whip) on their California rolls and it is tasty. I've never seen many people in there, which is too bad or good since I never have to wait. Anyway, tonight the waitress we had was cracking me up because she was soooo attentive. Seriously, you could tell she was watching us like a hawk, but from a distance, because we didn't have to ask for anything, but it wasn't like she was just hanging out at our table either.

so after dinner we went to Kohls cause it's tax free weekend and RTO said he could use some jeans. but of course we had the usual "They don't mark things with the right size" thing and didn't make a purchase. (okay, it's an RTO thing, nobody makes pants the size they say they are because he doesn't wear pants that large. ;D)

Finally, we stopped at Half Price Books. RTO found some paperback and I got a few clearance cd's (They're only two dollars!!!) yay!

Currently, maggie is hunting a tiny frog. I got some pictures, but they'll have to wait till I think there are enough pictures on the camera to justify transferring.