Monday, August 25, 2008

Groban round-up

my dad loves Josh Groban, and I was trying to tell him about Greg Gutfeld's hatred of him this weekend. (yes, I watch Red Eye regularly)I have some other friends that like to take shots at him as well, so anyway, thought I'd try to find some of the Groban hate for dad. ;D

Right now we've got hundreds of thousands of servicemen fighting abroad. They don't have time for dodgeball — they're dodging bullets. But Chronicle editors think Meebo employees are engaging in something cooler: Bouncing a ball in a square, probably while listening to tapes of whales screwing... and by that I mean Josh Groban. I want to beat them to death with sticks. Pointy ones, dipped in Groban's blood.

A new survey reports that two-thirds of Americans think it's possible that some federal officials ignored warnings of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Even
more alarming: more than a third of those surveyed believe in conspiracy theories ranging from covering up data on space aliens and plots to rig oil prices to Josh Groban being a human being.

anyhoo, here's Josh in the Jimmy Kimmel "F*@$ing Ben Affleck" thing. he shows up at about 4:46 in case you want to skip all the set-up.