Thursday, December 25, 2008

most funnest Christmas evar!

RTO: ugh, I think this is serious and I need to see a doctor.



MK: you want to go to the emergency room?

RTO: oh.. I don't know that it's that serious...

MK: um, it's Christmas day. That's pretty much your options.

yep, we spent a couple hours this morning at Lake Pointe Medical Center. RTO had spent Tuesday throwing up. seemed better, but not one hundred percent yesterday, but then was up again about three this morning. Anyhoo, still not sure what caused it, but they gave him some medication to calm down his digestive system.

On top of that, my family is here for Christmas and RTO's parents were coming for lunch. We managed to get things done. He'd made most of what he could last night and gave my mom instructions for the rest today. He posted the menu here. We didn't make the eggnog cheesecake and everyone was so stuffed from everything else that no one touched the Chocolate Peppermint frozen dessert (sounds funny, it's um, peppermint ice cream on (I think) a chocolate crust of some kinds and topped with fudge, I would call it Peppermint ice cream pie, or cake, just to simplify)

We'll probably be eating tasty, tasty ham for a while.

got a couple more days of things planned. a short trip to Oklahoma and back and hopefully a day of nothing, Sunday.

Merry belated Christmas!