Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions?

Kris was asking about them and linked an article about "happy" things to do.

I generally don't make resolutions. I figure there's always something I should be working on, but why wait til the first of the year. and yet, here I am posting about resolutions....

nothing new here really.

start riding the bike or doing some other exercise at least six days a week. I managed that for a month or so last year and then things happened and I wasn't real motivated anyway because I gained five pounds that month. so thanks for nothing.

do more reading off line. I'm thiiiiis close to being caught up on all the magazines. but then, of course, RTO's grandmother decided to give us a Reader's Digest subscription again this year. Not sure why we got last year off, but there it is (I'm currently reading December 2006. I know most people would just let that one go, but I'm kinda OC about these things. and it's always amusing reading those kinds of things later... like last night one article I was reading about nursing home abuse mentioned how Elliot Spitzer had made several convictions that year.) Haven't made a dent in the book pile on the nightstand and I think it's grown by a couple books.

There's some other random projects I'd like to start/finish but I'm always shuffling. close to having one needlework project done and I swears I'm going to do Christmas ornaments this year. and possibly cards. we'll see.