Friday, December 12, 2008


well, I was hoping to have a picture of me and RTO with Santa, but it will have to wait.

We went to Chik-fil-a for dinner last night because RTO didn't want to cook and we had coupons for free things. So as we're walking in I notice there's a sign on the door that says pictures with Santa are that night from 5 to 8. and I was thinking it was just after 8 and told RTO it was too bad we missed Santa. and RTO's all, "He's right there!" huh? wha? sure enough he was right in front of me, so I got some ribbing for missing the guy in the bright red suit.

Anyhoo, Santa motioned for us to come over and we got our picture taken. They said it would be ready today after three, but I stopped by there and the clerk told me it would be tomorrow. : (

oh well. There's all kinds of goofiness going on here. I found the MOST.AWESOME.BALDEN FAMILY. CHRISTMAS GIFT.EVAR! or not. I think it will be talked about for a while. not sure if that will be good or bad. started to get a cordless screw driver like we got for, uh, someone else. (I don't think they would ever read here, but I'll be vague anyway) but then we saw this other thing. BWAH HA HA HA haaaaaaa.

So, um, is there an Ann Taylor Outlet near you? I was in the one in Allen today and spotted this coat and I've been looking for a coat like it, but of course they didn't have my size and it's not online at all. and I waited too long to even finally decide to get a coat like this. I'm kickin myself for not buying the one at Dillard's a few years ago. oh, checked the nearest AT Loft as well, and they didn't have anything like it either.

Hopefully this weekend will be one final big cleaning that we can maintain til Christmas and I'll probably try to get some more light pictures as it looks like most people got their lights up last weekend. I've seen a lot more in the neighborhood this week.

driving by the neighbor's tonight, RTO says, "you know, their house does look really good... but I've got a moose."