Sunday, January 04, 2009


I've spent the last couple days trying to move files from the old external hard drive to the new one. Most of it was easy and then I got to itunes. *sigh* I understand why they make it difficult, but come on! I followed the instructions from the help website and it didn't work. Tried another method, moving things off my ipod to the hard drive and the files made it there and showed up in itunes as a "shared" library, then when I synced my ipod it erased everything on it because there wasn't anything in the main library in itunes. soooo I tried dragging the itunes folder (that had come off my ipod) into the itunes window and that seemed to do it. finally. It's still about ten songs short, but I think I can live with that.

The other fun part of this is the external hard drive itself. We didn't want to be turning it off and on and moving it around all the time like I did with the old one. We tried hookin it up to the oooooold desktop and managed to kill the desktop. So I broke down and decided to try this Belkin "network" usb hub. (I use quote marks because most of the reviews we read were people debating whether it was really a wireless/networking device or not. eh, it does what it says it will do.) anyhoo, it's a little clunky (I made a call to tech support because I couldn't get my computer to see the drive and it kept crashing Windows Explorer and then of course it worked fine while I was talking to the support rep), but I think it will be okay.