Thursday, January 08, 2009


MK: um, so how do i know if this new drive is doing it's RAID thing?

RTO: It only shows half the space available.

MK: #*%^!&@!!!

RTO: why? how much does it say is available?

MK: 1.7TB



RTO: yeah, that's not good.

a few days later...

MK: so at this rate, I figure the drive will be reformatted in a couple weeks...

RTO: It's still formatting from last night?

MK: yeah. It's currently at 7%

RTO: quit it.

MK: #$*%#!!


even later....

MK: so... I guess I magically reformatted the drive...


MK: tried the quick format again and it just worked this time.


MK: so.... how do I know it's doing it's thing? I mean, I had to reformat the drive, and now it's only showing nine hundredish GBs, but how do I know the whole thing is working...

RTO: There comes a time you just have to trust that it's doing its job.

MK: grrrrr