Sunday, May 24, 2009

another weird day

it must be something about life insurance. got up around ten thirty cause someone was supposed to be here at 11 to take blood. Anyhoo, she had some traffic trouble and got here around 11:30 instead. I felt all groggy most of the time and conked out shortly after she left and slept til 6:30.

another day of weird dreams. Mostly, I was cranky because I knew I was going to die soon from who knows what, just general boredness, I guess, and these people kept making me go places. At one point I was at a concert cause the composer was a friend of mine. (He'd been the one that made me go) But then after the concert I was talking to some lady and she mentioned the composer and I was all, "that's not the right name" and looked at the program and they'd given someone else credit for it, and my friend was all "Let's just get you out of here." so I was cranky some more in the car and then there was a party at my house and there were people there from high school whose names I couldn't tell you off the top of my head.