Monday, June 22, 2009

Chess in Concert...

What the?

Wikipedia said "Tim Rice stated in the Concert's Programme that this version of Chess is the "official version", after years of different plot/song combinations."

it su-hUcks.

after perusing the Wikipedia entry, I guess I have the Broadway recording. IMO, they should run with that as is (you'll notice the wiki lists songs that weren't recorded), maybe a little dialogue, but to me the recording made sense without all the extra stuff. and the lyrics aren't as clunky to my ear. (and at this point, the characters were much more sympathetic, ie: svetlana is quite the shrew here.)

anyhoo, had thought about sending the soundtrack to my dad cause he loves the Josh Groban, but this thing is annoying. maybe spring for the Groban version of "Anthem" in itunes cause he knocked that out of the park, but go for the Broadway recording for a story that actually makes sense without too much distraction and IMO better voices.

oh, and One night in Bangkok without the flute solo? what.were.they.thinking?