Sunday, June 21, 2009

RTO comments on Eugene Onegin

RTO: That was quite the look he just made.

MK: huh? who?

RTO: The guy with the white hair that's been looking unpleasant the whole time.




MK: well, yeah, but still...

rented this from netflix, it was a 2007 Met HD broadcast(there are a few pictures here). anyhoo, loved, loved, loved the production. The set was spare, but very striking with the lighting and the singing and acting were excellent. Here's a clip of the end of act one. I recommend watching the HQ version if you can. Oh, since there aren't English subtitles, Tatiana sent a letter to Onegin telling him how she feels about him and he's come to tell her he can't return her love.

watching the intermission interview afterwards, Fleming had a handfull of tissues and said this scene always gets to her.