Saturday, July 18, 2009


Watching Maytime. and she starts telling her story and how she hit the big time singing for Emperor Louis Napoleon. but she sang Les Filles de Cadix (which I sang in my junior recital) and I was thinking it was more recent than that. I was partly right, I couldn't remember the composer, Delibes. Anyhoo, if these people are correct it was first published in 1887. and according to Wikipedia, Napoleon III died in 1873.

So, here's a clip, they cut a verse which is fine since most people probably don't know what she's singing about anyway and won't be bothered that part of the story is missing.

update: Just finished it and damn. These people can act and sing. I'm loving Jeannette MacDonald the more I see and hear of her, but there isn't much available on DVD (Netflix doesn't have anything with her and Nelson Eddy)