Tuesday, August 11, 2009

if I suddenly dissappear, you'll know why...

MK: um, what's this?

RTO: what's what?

MK: uh, card from Rowlett PD.

RTO: oh. we had a bomb threat tonight.




RTO: caller ID said the number was blocked, but I answered the phone anyway and there was a long pause and I think I heard a man's voice in the background. Was thinking maybe it was one of those stupid "please hold for an important call" things. So said "hello" a couple more times and then said, "If you've got something to say, now's the time for it or I'm hanging up" and finally someone came on and said "There's a bomb in your house" and hung up.

MK: oooookay.

RTO: I didn't think much of it at first. For one, you're here most of the day. But then I thought, no, someone should pay for their stupidity. I did go ahead and open all the doors to see if anything happened.

MK: did you start your car?

RTO: of course.

MK: well, alrighty then.