Tuesday, September 29, 2009

okay, no more Ebay for a while....

Last Friday I decided to hit some of the antique shops in McKinney since I hadn't done that for many months and there are a couple things I'd like to have if I could find them. a glass lamp shade for this one old lamp I have and an acorn shaped jar like the one I had ages ago, but RTO broke it and then later gave me a smaller one and broke that one too.

I managed to find both things on Ebay later that night. The lamp shade was pretty cheap and I hope it works, but won't feel terrible if it doesn't. The acorn jar is another story. The original one, I bought at World Market on clearance for three bucks, so I was hoping to win the one on Ebay for about the same, but then someone else bid on it... I know they always tell you to pick a high bid and stick with it, but I was really wanting this acorn jar. oh well. I promised RTO I would put it in a safer place than the last two.