Monday, November 16, 2009

just to get it out of my system

so maybe I'll sleep. I'm stressing about tomorrow. There were all these things I was gonna do and then today I had an audition and got called back, but it's tomorrow night so now I'm panicking and trying to decide what I can do tomorrow and what I should leave for another day.

probably the errands. but I was so planning on doing them tomorrow. Then I remembered I have a dentist appointment as well.

silly things, I know, but I usually have my days at least planned out in my head a couple days before. and having to change them at the last minute stresses me.

on the plus side, I got some organizing/decluttering done this weekend. I think RTO is a little annoyed about it because the mood strikes me at odd times, like before we were going to watch a movie. (but I was standing there waiting for the disc fixer to do it's thing and the drawer that's right there has been driving me nuts for a while. so I pulled everything out of it and sorted it and there's much more space in there now that most of the defunct phone chargers are gone. and the cookie cutters found a new home.)

But then I'm also not getting all the odd little things done that I thought I would. like reading. and I think Christmas ornaments are going to be postponed to next year. I made one over the weekend and well, it takes too much time (at least seven Red Eyes plus a couple Next Iron chefs)to be able to do many in a timely fashion. so, um, I've got a head start on next year.