Sunday, November 08, 2009

let the boredom.... begin!!!

had the final show tonight. It went well. Have to go help strike the set tomorrow. but otherwise, I have not much to do for a while.

here's a few projects I finished up lately....

It looks kinda scary, but it does it's job well (holding my iphone while I walk Roxie). I think I may need one more patch to cover the top flap thing where I sewed the snap on. maybe some tiny letters for my name too.

One of the smaller cross-stitch projects I've been working on.

I always make RTO do the finishing bits, like the hanger on this one.

well, okay, I haven't made him do this one yet. which is why it looks like a choo-choo wreck.

There's one other cross-stitch thing I'm working on that will hopefully get done tomorrow and then maybe I'll start on some ornaments.... duhn duhn DUUUUUHN!

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