Wednesday, December 30, 2009

just try to come and get me MoA FL


you couldn't stop me, weird accent guy.


It was an interesting exhibit, I learned a lot about Rockwell. Although RTO mentioned tonight that the audio thing made it a very solitary experience.

see, you carried this little thing around and most of the paintings had a number under the, um, title and commentary that you punched into this thing to play little audio clips about the paintings. A lot of it was narrated by Peter Rockwell and some art historian. The kid oriented track (most paintings also had two numbers) was "Norman Rockwell" telling about himself and his paintings. Anyway, the thing works in such a way that you have to hold it up to your ear to hear it, so the gallery was very quite because the sound did not project much out of the devices.

I guess museums are usually quite, but this was kinda different. At one point a couple girls came running through and were noisy and everybody turned to glare at them.