Tuesday, April 20, 2010

so, um, I've been busy.... I think....

got the show opened this weekend and finally have some evenings off. but then my laptop has been out of commission since Saturday. Thankfully, RTO's brother managed to fix it, and I just picked it up this evening.

Just in time to get home, print my resume and head out for an audition. except that the printer was being stupid, so I was a little late. no big deal. felt good about the singing part, and amused that I couldn't handle a grapevine to the left. seriously, a two eight count routine that consisted of grapevine right, pivot, pivot, jazz square, grapevine left and I tripped all over myself at the end. but didn't fall over, which the director noted was a plus for me. ;D (I've worked with him a few times now, and he's doing the music part of Funny Girl so he's seen my most recent "dancing" issues and shared them with his partner who talked to me about it on my way out.) Let's just say me and Eiffel Tower headdress do not mix with stairs, that's probably why I never became a show girl in Vegas. har.

So, I'm still trying to catch up with things here while at the same time trying to get the dogs to respect my authoriteh.

also, I'm bruising a lot. currently have a big one covering most of the top of my left foot a smaller one on top of my right foot, one or two on each knee and the weirdest one is on the back of my left hand starting at the middle finger knuckle and going about half way down my hand. no idea what I did. maybe dogs and kitties are beating me in my sleep. Thank goodness RTO isn't here or he might have some splainin to do.