Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We can't have nice things....

found this cool plushy goose for Sophie. (She hasn't shown any interest in fetching the rope or the squeaky fire hose.) I figured, retrievers retrieve birds and such and she's always very interested in the ducks in the pond. so, back to the goose... it said it had a squeaker in it, but actually it honked. She loved it, I could throw it and she'd go after it. but in only a few hours she's managed to tear the honker out and she also tore the face off the squirrel I gave Roxie.

then the icing on the cake... I picked the honker up off the floor and made it honk and Sophie stared at me and next thing I know, the dogs are a big growling, toothy ball and just like the other time they did that, Carlos tried to join in.

I do not understand the animals.