Monday, August 23, 2010

since not many people read here...

I'll probably share some of my recent experience with a local mental health hospital.

First, a short, um, recap.

Last Wednesday, I was feeling a bit worse and left work early cause I couldn't stop crying and on the way home figured that if I went home, that was going to be it. Didn't have a specific plan, but I'd picked up a steak knife at three in the morning and just barely scratched the top of my arm a couple times. still, that's more than I'd ever done before.

Anyhoo, went to the ER, explained the situation to them and they kept me there for a while, ran some tests, and then waited for a counselor/consultant. She strongly recommended that I stay in a hospital over night at the least and then get myself into the partial hospitalization plan. (basically, I go there during the day for group counseling and I can see a doctor more often).

So, I went there, and it stressed the heck out of me. I didn't sleep that night and made everyone's life difficult the next day, because I was under the impression I could leave. The staff there, however, had other ideas. so, after much crying and yelling and getting stupid forms signed (thank God that RTO was working on figuring out what I needed to do), I left at about five o'clock.

So now I go to some other building from 9 to 3 weekdays. and they generally plan for five to seven days,because it's more about getting people stabilized than fully treated but a few of the people in my group have been there a couple weeks.

it's only been two days so far, but I think this may actually work.

next will probably be my rant about stupid things to say to depressed people.