Monday, November 29, 2010

can't find the picture I made....

but otter attacks are in the news in Boca. apparently Rush Limbaugh talked about it today.

RUSH: I'm sorry, my friends, I was so absorbed in another news story here, and it's this. "The Palm Beach County health department," that's us, that's where we live, "says two more people have been bitten by an aggressive and possibly rabid otter trolling the Boca Raton area." Did you know about this? "William Gibbons was bitten by the animal as he videotaped it floating in a canal behind his home. He has received six rabies shots and is scheduled to receive four more. Two other people were bitten by an aggressive otter in the area earlier this month. Authorities are continuing to search for the animal," but they all look alike so how you gonna know which one is which when you get it? (interruption) No, it says aggressive. The otter was not confused, it was aggressive. It's the Oregon Christmas tree bomber that was confused. Now, this is gonna come as a shock to people. They see little otters and they're on their back waving at us with their paw, "Oh, how cute." Apparently the little things are jumping out of the water here to bite people. You ever know an otter to do that? Well, I haven't known any otters.

yes, yes, I've heard of otters doing that before.