Sunday, November 01, 2015

another month gone by

and I've read all of two books, it think.  Work is keeping me very busy, I've had to work one Saturday so far, although that turned out weird and I was only there about 45 minutes. 

House is a mess right now.  both living areas and the dining room/kitchen are under plastic while they paint.  and they seem to be taking their sweet, sweet time.  RTO's family is supposed to come for Thanksgiving, hopefully we'll have the house together by then. currently we're living in the guest and master bedrooms. probably would be just the master, but the TV doesn't quite work in there. and we've boarded the cats after coming home to little white paw prints on the floor the first day.

Had a few trick or treaters last night.  not as many as I expected so we had candy left over. yay!

I've almost made it a year tracking what I eat and I have nothing to show for it except losing and regaining about 10 pounds. and the holidays are coming. I have started walking the dog again. at five in the morning. but it's preferable to going to the office gym and working out there.

sooooo, hopefully it won't be another month until I finish another book.