Sunday, January 10, 2016

New year old blog

sure if I'll post much this year what with work and all. Trying out a new tablet. It's a bit clunky but then I got what I paid for I think.   Anyhoo it's our slow time at work so I'm just sorting through files to be scanned. Would think with the way things work we should be picking up this week. 
Critters are all good. I've stopped walking for a while until my heel feels normal. So I'm stationary biking. 
just one book down so far and I've been avoiding the Smithsonian mag for a few days.  Not finished with the George Elliot collection I started last year. Made I through all her novels and short stories and non fiction articles. Only poetry and some bios left but it says I'm only 64%of the way through. Ugh.