Monday, November 01, 2004


got home a while ago, had a cup of coffee, RTO offered a second cup a minute ago. WHEEEEEEEE! eh, I rarely get to sleep before 2 anymore as it is. That and with the election coming up we've all been a bit on edge. I've had a couple of deja vu moments the last few days, so then my brain goes "something's going to happen" so, is it right or am I making it alllll up. The thing tonight was in rehearsal, going through christmas music and reading through our goofy piece for this year (some dylan thomas rambling) anyhoo, get to the part about calling the fire brigade and my brain goes "hey, I think we had a dream about this, about singing about something totally off the wall, like firefighters." hmmmm, it could be right. Last night had a dream that Donald Trump was visiting my house, that had me stressed too. my "husband" (didn't look anything like RTO, silly brain) was trying to impress him, and kept telling me not to mess it up by offending the donald or his date. woo I think this time change is messing with me.