Friday, December 31, 2004


made an initial forey(?) into knitting tonight. woof. just need to find a pattern for something I like I guess. bought yarn today for an afghan (why are they called that? huh? why not blanket?) and some black chenille maybe for a scarf (if i can find one i like. one pattern i have starts with chain 223, yeah right! why would you make a scarf long ways?!) and some uh, off-white stuff for doilies, RTO gave me a book of patterns for christmas. and guess who can look forward to getting them? *cough* laura *cough* but I'll use the correct yarn for it, not wooly-sized. ;D finished up a little draw-string bag last night. I'm really happy with it, but they said I'd need more thread than I did (two balls, it only took one, well, most of one) other peeve about knitting, RTO gave me a kit, had a book, two sets of needles, some other doo-hickeys. most of the patterns in the book require (suggest) needle sizes different from what came with the book. ugh.