Monday, April 25, 2005

so, instead of taking up sarahk's precious comment space....

i'll reminisce about my own wedding here. i can't imagine having so many people who would like to "help" today, mainly music. here's how the song picking went for my wedding. didn't want any of the standard things, i'm a musician! i'm supposed to be creative! yeah, that's it! i joked with mom that i didn't want to make her feel bad by having someone else playing the organ. so we had only piano (and trombone? that comes later) anyhoo, i remember mom and my grandmother at some point in time talking about what they had for music, so i decided to use those and then picked something for my own. so here's the breakdown. had a tenor friend that sang (his wife was one of my bridesmaids so that helped) right, back to the lineup

always by irving berlin

more by ???? a nice subdued version, not bobby darin (is that right?i'm too lazy right now)

starting here, starting now-also have no clue who wrote it and it was not done r&b style.

for marching in we used the 2nd movement from beethoven's pathetique piano sonata

and for leaving we had simple gifts as arranged by mark... mark.... gah! i've been blanking out on names all day!!!!! some piano arranger i like!!! anyway, that's where the trombone came in, the piece opens with a solo line, and i thought it would sound really cool on trumpet, and i don't know exactly what happened with that, but we got a trombone. HAYS!!!!! mark hay(e)s??

so that's it, that was the RTO and MK wedding music selection.