Saturday, May 21, 2005

movies, movies, movies....

i got a little carried away with the tivo last weekend. so we've seen lots o' stuff so far. oh, and two things we rented.

Tokyo Godfathers- i liked it, even rto eventually got sucked in to watching it.

next we watched Millenium Actress which i found out had the same director/writer as tokyo godfathers, but it was a very different movie. this is one i could watch over and over. watching how her life and movies mix, from WWII to the sixties. it was very emotional and well executed.

Laura, i'd seen this before, but couldn't really remember it. then it all started coming back to me, and i find it's not so interesting when you know what's going to happen.

um, today, payment deferred uh, can't say too much about it. a little "crime doesn't pay" lesson. i kept thinking, if this movie had been made today, he would have done much worse things. probably have a few more dead people.

and a day at the races, still funny. (i so want to learn that glissando thing. looks like shooting the keys.)

anyhoo, there's more left on the tivo, but i'm kinda wiped out for now.