Wednesday, June 29, 2005

an option if you'd like to help but have no money, like me.

Greetings Living Opera Friends and Volunteers:

Please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.
Please reply to this e-mail and I will be sure that your interest is passed on to the appropriate person.

First, please be aware that we need every volunteer possible to raise funds to finish paying for DON GIOVANNI and to get THE ELIXIR OF LOVE on the stage. It has reached the point that if we do not raise the needed funds, THE LIVING OPERA will die. All ideas will receive serious consideration and every contribution of time, effort or money will be appreciated.


Loan of a large truck is needed to transport sets*

Donations of costumes, set pieces and props are needed*

2 Volunteer Assistant Stage Managers are needed -duties to include calling cast/crew to rehearsals and performances, arranging costume fittings, obtaining and maintaining props, costumes and sets, and disseminating information.*

Volunteer Lighting Designer to create and execute a lighting design for 1500 seat proscenium stage and to oversee all aspects of lighting for the production.


Finally, please review the following volunteer job categories to help you decide what you’d most like to do as a TLO volunteer. You will be called or emailed about the date and time of the next meeting which will be for your training and orientation for that particular job.

1. Fund Raising Committee - The fund raising committee is responsible for sending or delivering and following up on donation letters. Also responsible for sending thank you letters to volunteers and donors. Conducts online or library based research for individual, corporate and grant donor prospects. Solicits donations for silent auctions. This committee is also responsible for writing the proposals to solicit grants from foundations, municipalities and corporations. Team Leader - TERRY STALLCUP

2. Publicity and Promotions Committee - The Publicity and Promotions Committee is responsible for the organization and distribution of show and events posters and brochures in businesses, restaurants and markets and to news media in the area. Tasks include mailing or e-mailing news releases to newspapers, radio stations etc., insuring that posters/flyers are distributed throughout the community, assembling and distributing press kits and soliciting reviewers’ attendance and feature stories.Team Leader – ALEXI BONIFIELD

3. Hospitality Committee – The hospitality committee is responsible for artist accommodations and for artist appreciation including welcome gifts and care packages for out of town principal performers, opening night gifts (token) for cast including chorus and principals and flowers for principal performers on final performances. This committee arranges for transportation to/from the airport for principal out of town performers.. Also responsible for organizing cast party. Team Leader – TBD

4. Gift Shop/Guest Relations Committee - The Gift Shop/Guest Relations Committee is responsible for the front of the house prior to, during and after performances. This involves setting up in the lobby and selling merchandise, distributing information and selling tickets before, at intermission and after each performance. All members will help with the strike of concessions and information tables after each performance and with disassembly on the final performance. Committee members will stay in the lobby during the show to ensure each area is manned and assist patrons.Team Leader – TBD

Production Committee – Oversees all activities associated with the actual performance Consists of the following subcommittees

5. Production Committee Team Leader – Amber Chadwick.

a)Dressers/Costume Committee - The costume committee helps with makeup, wigs, shoes, hosiery and costumes and checks to be sure all performers have their costumes ready by show time. May assist with measurements and submission of forms to vendors. May also place calls to vendors to obtain pricing and availability for costume needs. Dressers help with quick changes. The committee is also responsible for any emergency mending or repairs to costumes and for gathering the costumes after performance for return to cleaning, storage and/or the rental company.

b) Prop Committee - The prop committee is responsible for soliciting, finding or making the needed props as listed by the director and stage manager. A Prop Master is needed during each performance to maintain the prop table. The committee is responsible for staying within the planned budget.Team Leader – TBD

c)Set Construction Committee - The Set Construction Committee is responsible for construction and painting of the set. This committee will work during rehearsals under the direction of the General Director or his designee. The Set Construction Committee is asked to help with load in, usually scheduled during 2 evenings of the week prior to performances. They will assemble and finish the set on stage prior to opening and are responsible for organizing strike.Team Leader – TBDd.

d)Stage Crew Committee - The Stage Crew tasks consist of set changes and special effects during the performances under the direction of the Stage Manager or Technical Director. The Stage Crew Committee is asked to help with load in, usually scheduled during 2 evenings of the week just prior to performances. Technically adept individuals are needed to run supertitle projection during tech week and performances. To maintain continuity of the performances committee members must commit to working a minimum both shows of a two performance run and must be available during tech week to learn cues.Team Leader – TBD

Many thanks for your kind interest and support!!!!"


my own quick comments. copy and paste didn't quite work ,i think i got it fixed but if something doesn't make sense please let me know. and please, please, please contribute if you can.