Tuesday, July 05, 2005

we go together like....

so a friend of ours is working on a book, set in 1950, asked for, well, here's his note.

I'm having a brain cramp and need help. Sherman, set
the Way-Back Machine for December, 1950.

Harry, our hero, is trying to describe to a local
how reliable his old war buddy, now a CIA officer,
will show up with the Marines if the mission about to
take place goes sour.
The local has asked Harry if his friend is
reliable. Harry says:

"You bet he is. Dave and I are like ______"

I need a period pop culture reference for two
buddies that would go through hell for each other, no
questions asked. The Lone Ranger and Tonto came to
mind, but the implied superiority of the Ranger
doesn't work.
Any references must come from a film or book dating
from prior to November 1950. I think there was an
adventure film that had something like this in the
late 30s, but I can't recall.

Scott H

rto, after submitting some normal things came up with this just for fun:

“We go together like a 300 pound woman and a size 3 miniskirt. It’s a stretch, but impossible to ignore.”

you can read the what's written so far here.

rto is helping with editing/formatting as well.