Monday, September 12, 2005

music notes....

so ya know our anniversary was a couple weeks ago, rto gave me a couple cds, i've finally had a chance to listen to them, and i love them.

one is this guy recorded live in austin. what can i say, i love quirky stuff. the other cd was music from the chocolate lands from these people. i have yet to get a cd of theirs i don't like. yay!

i'd asked rto to send me music from the 'stan when he was there. he told me later he couldn't get any, the guys at the bazaar were like "nobody wants our music" the frg page had links to some afghan internet radio sites and i would occasionally listen to them. it's a lot like indian music. speaking of which, there is an indian am station in town, but i can't always pick it up.

one year that i was at uco they had a resident artist from india, so i learned a bit about their music from his lectures. mostly he talked about ragas and how they form the basis of much of their music. i think his wife was also with him and she would usually play things to demonstrate what he was talking about. i wish i had paid more attention. oh well.